Woman in Mind By Alan Ayckbourn

One of Ayckbourn’s finest plays a fantastic and fantastical play about a woman’s descent into a breakdown.

The play opens with Susan waking up in her garden after a bump on the head. A doctor, Bill, is in attendance tending to his patient. Susan then encounters her husband and two children, who all seem impossibly happy, intelligent, successful and attractive. However this family is all in Susan’s head, either something she imagines or something more sinister. Her real family bring her back down to earth with a bump. For the rest of the play her real and imagined family swap and change and eventually blur horribly as reality and fantasy collide.

The play is presented in the first person… We are in Susan’s head, what we see on stage is what Susan sees and hears and perceives whether it is real or fantasy or a mix of the two.

It was a superb play and a great fun production to put on.


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