Comedy Shorts

Our 6th production and we returned to our roots by doing another night of short plays. However this time we mixed it up with various playwrights and new directors all under the umbrella/theme of comedy

Mans Best Friend by James Saunders follows nervous newlyweds on a train journey, the innocence, naivete and guitar playing were all hilarious

Score by Lyndon Brook shows us an older couple playing tennis, losing and bickering. A lovely comedy on social class.

Daytrippers by Jean McConnell showed us two ladies on a works outing, gossip, scandal and revelation were all on the cards!

Countdown by Alan Ayckbourn shows us a middle aged couple who have forgotten how to communicate. They talk to themselves more than they talk to others…

White Lies by Robert Shearman shows us a couple in a rundown marriage. A man called Roger helps them to pep up their marriage, but there is one problem. Roger is imaginary!


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